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Just as hitters address their body’s strength and mechanics for peak performance, iTrac Vision Training System functionally enhances your visual skills, taking your game to the next level.

The iTrac Vision Training System is a revolutionary training technology designed to improve the visual processing system to facilitate faster reaction times and maximize performance. iTrac delivers by enhancing dynamic visual acuity - the ability to clearly track objects in motion.  The System is multi-faceted, incorporating the neurological, physical and mental components of elite hitting.

Basically, iTrac is performance training for the eye, brain, and body circuit, geared specifically to hitters. From a hitting perspective, the System focuses on three main tracking zones: pitch identification, decision making, and continuous tracking deep into contact. 

Major League hitters say iTrac also improved their ability: to slow the game down at the plate, trust their “eyes”, and take the proper mental/emotional approach required to rake!